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What is chattycloud?

chattycloud is a complete chat room online framework, combined to a search engine.

In other words, chattycloud allows you to create your own chat room named "Chat Cloud", to invite people and to join other Chat Clouds. You can set your own parameters for your Chat Cloud as colors, banners, privacy, teams and much more.

You can also use the chattycloud search engine to look for interesting public discussions. Chat Clouds are sorted by categories, like health, family, sports, dating ...

How do I create my Chat Cloud?

The Chat Cloud Creation beggins from the chattycloud main page. Click on the link above the search engine. This will lead you to the Chat Cloud creation page:

Lets now see each Chat Cloud property


The title is the most important attribute of your Chat Cloud. It will be used in your Chat Cloud url and it will be indexed by the search engines.

Hint : choose a short title, based on meaningful words that everyone can remember.


The description is also very important. It will be displayed on the search engine results, so write a good description to attract chatters.


Category is also used by the chattycloud Browser. Each category has a specific icon, so choose carefully a category that best represent your chat content. If you don't find any category that suits your discussion, you can choose the General Talk category.

Tag words

Tag words complete the title information for the search engine. The more meaningful tag words you will set, the better your Chat Cloud will be referenced. Tag words can be separated by any separator like a space character or a coma.


The privacy parameter is very important. It will set how people can join your Chat Cloud. Lets describe each privacy option.

Public Chat (Facebook Connect)

This option is recommended because you can take benefit from the Facebook connection system which automatically imports the chatter avatar and his name. Facebook connection is secure and avoids non human users. When you join a Facebook Chat Cloud, a message is written on your wall ("your name" has joined a chat cloud). If you don't want people see this message, just restrict the wall publication option to yourself.

Public Chat (no password)

This option lets anyone to enter into your Chat Cloud. The advantage of this option compared to the previous one is that non facebook users can join your Chat Cloud.

Protected Chat (Password protected)

This option is interesting for private conversation inside your family or your close friends. If you don't want external people to see your conversation as a watcher, go to advanced options and check the disable watchers option.

Customize appearance

Setting appearance will make your Chat Cloud much more attractive. Take time to choose a color, a logo (which will be displayed on the search engine results) and a banner. Banner works fine if you respect the recommended sizes.

Nb Max Chatters

Setting a max number of chatters is interesting when you know your audience : family, a little group of friends or a class room. Keep in mind that few people on your Chat Cloud are much more easy to administrate than hundreds of people.

Enable Key Speaker mode

What is a key speaker? A key speaker is a chatter who has a specific connection password. Key speakers messages are highlighted on the Chat Cloud discussion, so they are more visible than other chatters. The key speaker mode is interesting for seminars, online classrooms and online interviews.

Set teams

On chattycloud you can set up up to 4 teams. Teams are useful to sort your chatters. Before they join your Chat Cloud, they will have to choose their team (for instance readers or writers). Team setting is for instance interesting for organizing online chat debates.

Ask additional info

You can ask additional information to your chatters before they can join your Chat Cloud. This can be used for example on a dating Chat Cloud (asking sex, age ...).

Disable smileys, url sharing, private messages

On chattycloud you can disable any feature you don't want to see on your discussion. If your Chat Cloud aims to be a very formal place for business discussion, you can for example disable the smileys.

Disable watchers

First of all lets explain what a watcher is. A watcher is a person who choose to join Chat Clouds as watchers instead of chatters. They can see the discussion but they can't talk or send private messages. If you disable watchers, only registered users will have access to your Chat Cloud.

Manager info : e-mail

You must enter a valid e-mail address to create your Chat Cloud. All important information (including the manager password) will be sent to you by e-mail.

Chat Cloud UI

Your Chat Cloud is composed by a single chat room page and an manager settings page. Lets describe first what your chatters will see when they will join your Chat Cloud.

1: Chat Cloud Icons

Every Chat Cloud is described by 3 icons. The first one tells if the Chat Cloud is protected (a lock) or public (a globe). The second one tells if watchers are enabled or not (the eye) and the last one is your Chat Cloud category.

2: Banner

This is your Chat Cloud banner. Banners are very important because they represent the visual identity of your discussion. Change your banner using the manager panel.

3 : Title

The title is your Chat Cloud title.

4 : Announce

The announce is a Chat Cloud manager announce that can be updated in the manager settings page.

5: Chat Cloud messages

This is the core of your Chat Cloud where discussions take place. Depending on your settings chatters can share images, links, smileys and of course text.

6: Message input

This is the input filed for your messages. You can send them by typping on return.

7: Picture button

Press this button if you want to share pictures on your Chat Cloud.

8: Manager panel button only for managers

This button will lead you to the manager page.

9: Notifications

Notifications are short private messages you can receive during the discussion. If someone wants to talk to you in private, he or she will send you an invitation using the notifications center.

10: Disconnect

Click on this icon to leave the Chat Cloud. Don't forget to logout when you use a shared computer.

11: Chat Cloud managers

Chat Cloud managers are displayed on the top of the online members list.

12: Chat Cloud members

Your name is displayed on the online members list with a (me) enclosed. Click on your name if you want to change your avatar. Clicking on other chatters name will display a popup for a private discussion Chat Cloud invitation.

13: Max number of chatters

This is the maximum of online chatters the administrator autorized (optional).

14: Clear all messages only for managers

This will delete all your Chat Cloud history.

15: Pause/Unpause Chat only for managers

This will turn on/off your Chat Cloud. This feature may be interesting if you don't want to leave your Chat Cloud opened to chatters without any manager connected.

16: Mute everyone only for managers

This will mute all users except key speakers (see manager interactions for the mute definition).

Managers interactions

Managers can moderate their Chat Clouds interacting with chatters. While clicking on a user name you can choose beetween two options : mute user or ban user.

Mute user

Muting users is quite efficient to make the discussion more readable. Users who are muted can still chat, but their messages are displayed in a small size police and light grey colored.

Ban user

Bannishing a user kicks the user out from the Chat Cloud and prevent him/her to come back. You can unban chatters through the administrator control panel.

Manager control panel

The manager control panel allows you to change your Chat Cloud properties.

17-18-19: Description properties only for managers

You can set up there an announce that will be displayed just under the Chat Cloud title.

Hint : tell your chatters at what time they can meet with the announce field.

20-21-22: Chat Cloud Theme only for managers

You can use this module to make some logo/banner tests.

23: Permissions only for managers

You can set there your permissions of what you want/don't want to be shared on your Chat Cloud

24: Save button only for managers

Don't forget to save all your changes with this button, then refresh your Chat Cloud page.

25: General information only for managers

The general information shows some basic statistics about your Chat Cloud.

26: The ban list only for managers

This zone is for banned users. You can unban them by clicking to the "unban" button next to their name.

27: Destroy Chat Cloud only for managers

This button will delete your Chat Cloud for ever. Think about it carefully!

Note : destroying a Chat Cloud also deletes all messages and images. We respect people privacy.

Conclusion: some ideas using chattycloud

Here are some ideas for Chat Clouds:

  • Family talk in real time with picture sharing
  • Organizing a quick meeting with your coworkers
  • Setting up a political debate with friends/acquitances
  • Organizing a seminar or an online course/live tutorial
  • Creating a customer chat relation module for your selling website
  • Setting up a fan talk about a breaking news
  • ... and much more !